Monday, October 09, 2006

Homework for Week of 10/10/06

Reading - 20 minutes
*Read 20 Minutes (or more) each night
*Fill out Reading Log
Reading Log is due on FRIDAY

Writing – 10-15 minutes - Due DAILY
*Writer’s Notebook assignments will be assigned each night by Maureen
*Writing assignments will be written in the Homework Notebook

*Children should set a timer and just write for 10-15 minutes with no break (they can do more if they want – this is to build writing stamina)

Charlotte’s Web Reading Response - 5-10 minutes - AS ASSIGNED
*A written response to what we read in Charlotte’s Web in class will be given out 1-2 nights this week. The response should be written in the Reading Response Notebook - The Charlotte's Web assignments will be written in the Homework Notebook.

Math - Problem of the Week - Due FRIDAY
*Tuesday - Do Page 1
*Wednesday – Do page 2
*Thursday – Do pages 3 & 4

Social Studies - Due FRIDAY
How am I Doing?
*This handout asks students to continue to reflect on how they are doing to help our classroom community. It also asks them to track the time it takes for them to do each piece of homework. The questions this week are DIFFERENT from last week

WOW – Words of the Week
*Quiz on FRIDAY

1. Christopher Columbus
2. Taino
3. capture
4. conqueror
5. integrity
6. there
7. their
8. they’re
9. whole
10. hole

Spelling Bonus: Can you find any other words that sound the same but have different meanings? They are called homonyms

*Do the Bonus on a separate piece of paper

*This week there is a packet to help students study their words
10 WORDS this week

WOW Homework

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