Sunday, March 18, 2007

Brain Teasers by, Andromache

Brain Teaser 1
A man climbed a 100 foot tree. he jumped down. Why didn't he die?

Brain Teaser 2
Take the number of kids there are in rom 4-408 and add it to the number of states there are in the Unites States and subtract 16 and the number you get is ...

Brain Teaser 3
What fraction do both pieces put together equal?

Happy Gilmore Movie Review by, Luca

In the movie Happy Gilmore, the main character Happy Gilmore is playing golf to make money to get back his grandma's house. Gilmore's grandma lost her house because she did not pay her taxes for years.

Happy Gilmore used to be a hockey player, but he was not a good skater. Then he tried a little bit of golf and he was good at it and he played golf until he was very good.

I think it is a funny movie and I think it is very entertaining for golf players.

Happy Gilmore also cannot control his anger and his coach has one fake hand because an alligator bit it off.

In one part of the movie Happy Gilmore and the coach give each other a present and the coach falls out of the window and dies.

Interview with my Dad:

Q: What did you think of the movie?
A: Very funny and silly at the same time

Q: Who is your favorite character?
A: The coach because he was helpful

Q: Who told you about the movie?
A: Luca asked me to watch it with him

Q: What is your favorite scene?
A: The fight between Gilmore and the old man

Q: How many times did you see it?
A: Once, but I want to see it again

Friday, March 16, 2007

Class 408 Comic by, Zuri

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Skateboarding Comic by, Zuri

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Book Talk

Only 4 of use in class 4-408 are in Book Talk. They are Hannah, Raquel, Aliyah, and Malcolm. Allisyn's class is in Book Talk too, but 6 kids. They are Molly, Serina, Aly, Maya, Abe, and Mo.

We have to go to book Talk every Friday at 8:30 am on the second floor in the computer room. We are reading A Series of Unfortunate Events The Erstatz Elevator by, Lemony Snicket.

Three weeks ago we were given a vocabulary test. The next week it was Jeopardy Book Talk. We got prizes. I won juggling balls.

Ok, that's it for today, see you next time.

From the Book Talk kids,

Aliyah and Raquel

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Animals are in danger. The Polar Bears are not only ones in danger, Lions are in danger too. there are people in Africa killing them. Mexico is finding a way to save them and so is Africa.
Can we save the animals in danger? I know we can save wildlife!!!!!!!

by, Stephanie Wint


Hi, my name is Ziyad and I am going to tell you why I like N.Y.C.

What I like about N.Y.C. is that if you live anywhere you have everything. For example, candy stores, food markets, baber shops, great schools. and more. But I am going to talk about school because it is my favorite. I like school because of the writing, playing math games, recess, ceiebrations, and because I don't get in trouble.

Don't you like N.Y.C.?

by, Ziyad


In IRAQ there is a war going on. The presedent of America is sending more troops every month. I know some about the war that lots of people are dying in IRAQ. I think the presedent is really bad because he is risking more people's lives. I know oil is important but saving all of these live is more important.


Barnes and Noble by, Deonte

Last month class 408 went to Barnes & Noble to pick out a book with our reading partners. Some people say that the books were lot of money. Some people say it was fun, and some kids did not get to buy books. My class enjoyed reading all the books. Parents came along with us. Some parents paid for the childen who wanted a book really bad. Most reading partners already finshed their books from Barnes & Noble.

Book Reading with Miss Aba

Miss Aba said, "Good morning 408. Today I'm going to perform a book called Coy and the Kola Nut Tree. It's an African book and 408, did we have fun? And I want to know what genre is the book from. And do you now any characters from the book and who is the last character?"

by, Laron

Miss Aba (Zuri’s Mom) came to class 408 and told us a story about a boy who was being treated badly in his village. He was the son of a king who died so he took some Kola nut and ran into the woods. He met a snake and he needed some Kola nuts for his mom and so he gave him some Kola nuts. Later he met an ant who needed Kola nut for the rain god to save his family. So he gave him some Kola nuts for his family and ran off looking for another village. Much later he saw a crocodile who ate the rainforest god's dog and he needed some Kola nuts too, and he gave him some. Then he found another village who asked to do a lot of things and he succeeded in all of them. The boy was then treated well in that village and everyone respected him because he is the son of a king.

by, Jalan


It was us, After school v.s Non After School in a basketball game. After School was leading by 2 and then Non After School caught up. Then they took a 2 point lead so it was a very tough game, and a very exciting game. Then it went into overtime and then double over time! But Joe made a layup to win the game for After School.

by, Adrian


This is your final chance to enter the MATH MANIA CHALLENGE (from WME - World Math Entertainment) If their are NO entries in the next 2 weeks, it will be CANCELLED!

See 408 Reporter vol. 4 for
(from WME - World Math Entertainment)

FIGHT'S!!!!!!!!! by Zuri

Boys and girls,
Seeing is believing
You won't be breathing if you have FIGHTS!!!!!!!

What kind of fights are kids getting into? Physical or non-physical? Children are getting into all kinds of fights.

How do fights start?
In ridiculous ways I suppose. One way a fight could start is it could start out as a game and then something goes wrong!

What is the usual punishment for having a fight?
The consequence for some fights is detention. I know this because I had a fight and I got detention. Also, suspension is a punishment. I know this because my friend had a fight and he got suspended. Sometimes you can get a call or a letter home.

What are some ways to prevent fights?
Walk away when someone threatens you or tells you to fight them.

How do some children handle a fight?
Some kids walk away and some kids fight back.
I was guilty of fighting back.

What happens when people come to watch fights and cheer?
The people fighting are encouraged and egged on to fight more.

So boys and girls who are planning to have a fight... Beware of what might happen to you!

How to Make Peace by, Damaras obi

This is how peace works in my class
and at last I'm letting you know fast
and if your talking to me
you get advice for free.

Step 1
Never start fights that lead to trouble.

Step 2
Always be kind and lift a helping hand.

Step 3
Never put anyone down help put them up.

Step 4
Be yourself not anyone you would be proud to know/be.

Step 5
If you make a mistake that’s ok everyone makes mistakes just lift your self right up.

And Step 6
Always be kind and never become a bully and be a leader not a follower.

This was advice for you to know
on the dot and in the spot!

Signed Detective D.

Why do I have to clean my room? a poem by, Jack Prelutsky

Why do I have to clean my room
when I would rather play?
The crayons scattered on the floor
are hardly in the way.
I almost never trip upon
my basketball or drums,
and I don’t pay attention
to the cake and cookie crumbs.

Why do I have to clean my room?
I think my room looks nice.
There’s pizza in the corner,
but its only half a slice.
I'm not at all concerned about
the gravy on the chair,
my piles of model planes and trains,
my stacks of underwear.

I will admit some bits of clay
are sticking to the wall.
I scarcely even notice them
and do not mind at all.
Beneath my bed there’s just a wedge
of last weeks apple pie,
and yet I have to clean my room...
I simply don’t know why.

Selected by, Exavier and Veronika

“We chose this poem because it had rhyme and it was also funny. It reminds me of having a mess in my room with everything on the floor.”

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Parent-Teacher Conference Appointments

Hello Class 4-408 families!

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Tuesday March 20th from 1-3 and from 6 - 8.
I have some families signed up - but need to hear from all of you! Please check the most recent P/T Conf. Appt. Schedule and sign up for an open time slot (there are still times available Tuesday evening). If you absolutley cannot make it on the 20th, let me know and we can schedule a meeting another time.