Thursday, March 15, 2007

FIGHT'S!!!!!!!!! by Zuri

Boys and girls,
Seeing is believing
You won't be breathing if you have FIGHTS!!!!!!!

What kind of fights are kids getting into? Physical or non-physical? Children are getting into all kinds of fights.

How do fights start?
In ridiculous ways I suppose. One way a fight could start is it could start out as a game and then something goes wrong!

What is the usual punishment for having a fight?
The consequence for some fights is detention. I know this because I had a fight and I got detention. Also, suspension is a punishment. I know this because my friend had a fight and he got suspended. Sometimes you can get a call or a letter home.

What are some ways to prevent fights?
Walk away when someone threatens you or tells you to fight them.

How do some children handle a fight?
Some kids walk away and some kids fight back.
I was guilty of fighting back.

What happens when people come to watch fights and cheer?
The people fighting are encouraged and egged on to fight more.

So boys and girls who are planning to have a fight... Beware of what might happen to you!

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