Thursday, March 15, 2007

How to Make Peace by, Damaras obi

This is how peace works in my class
and at last I'm letting you know fast
and if your talking to me
you get advice for free.

Step 1
Never start fights that lead to trouble.

Step 2
Always be kind and lift a helping hand.

Step 3
Never put anyone down help put them up.

Step 4
Be yourself not anyone you would be proud to know/be.

Step 5
If you make a mistake that’s ok everyone makes mistakes just lift your self right up.

And Step 6
Always be kind and never become a bully and be a leader not a follower.

This was advice for you to know
on the dot and in the spot!

Signed Detective D.


Class 408 Student said...

Damaras needs to fix some of her work but she did very good and she made it a poem

Anonymous said...

I think for a 4th grader this is pretty impressive, we should encourage children not post that they need to work on things. Great job.