Sunday, October 15, 2006

Homework for Week of 10/16/06

Reading - 20 minutes
*Read 20 Minutes (or more) each night
*Fill out Reading Log
Reading Log is due on FRIDAY

Writing – 10-15 minutes - Due DAILY
4 Small Moment entries this week - each entry should be at least 1 page

*Children should set a timer and just write for 10-15 minutes with no break (they can do more if they want – this is to build writing stamina)

Math - 10-15 minutes - Due THURDSAY
Problem of the Week
*Tuesday - Do page 1
*Wednesday – Do page 2
*Thursday – Do pages 3 & 4

Memorize 1-5 times tables
*First Mad Math minute timed test will be on FRIDAY
1-5 Times Tables

Social Studies - 10-15 minutes - Due FRIDAY
The Algonquins of New York
*This online handout is only the QUESTIONS. Your child is bringing home a reading packet to read and then they are to answer these questions. Your child will be asked to read 2 pages (about 4 paragraphs) a night. It is best to follow the homework schedule given and do a little each night so there is not an overwheleming amount of reading, vocabulary, and content to absorb.

Social Studies HW Schedule
*Monday - Read pages 1 and 2 - Answer questions on page 1 (5 questions)
*Tuesday - Read pages 3 and 4 - Answer questions on page 2 (5 questions)
*Wednesday - Read pages 5 and 6 - Answer questions on page 3 (5 questions)
*Thursday - Read pages 7 and 8 - Answer questions on page 4 (3 questions)

WOW – Words of the Week - 5 minutes
*Quiz on FRIDAY

Content Vocabulary
1. Algonquin
2. Lenni Lenape
3. Sachem
4. Shaman
5. environment
6. wampum
Spelling Patterns – Word Study – Long e vowel pairs: ea, ie, ee
7. seam
8. seem
9. piece
10. peace

Spelling Bonus: Can you find any other words that have the long e sound but a different spelling pattern than ea, ie, and ee? What types of words are seam, seem, piece, and peace?

*Do the Bonus on a separate piece of paper

*This week there is a packet to help students study their words
WOW Homework

*There is also a separate Word Study Packet to help reinforce word pattern study
Word Study Packet

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