Sunday, December 10, 2006

Homework for Week of 12/11/06

NEW Homework Policy - ALL HOMEWORK is Due MONDAY
This week's Homework is due MONDAY DECEMBER 18th

Reading - 20 minutes
*Read 20 Minutes (or more) each night
*Fill out Reading Log
Reading Log

Writing – 10-15 minutes for EACH entry
*Write 3 WNB entries on topics of your choice
This essay must be 5 paragraphs

Paragraph 1 - Introduction
1. Mention the title, author, and genre
2. Restate your thesis
3. Mention examples or parts you are going to talk about

Paragraphs 2, 3, 4 - Body Paragraphs
1. Mention specific examples from the story that support the thesis
*For example
*For instance
2. Connect back to the thesis in your own words
*This shows
*This matters

Paragraph 5 - Conclusion
1. Restate the thesis and say that you have proven it
*In conclusion
2. Make a connection to yourself or to the lesson the thesis is teaching us
*By giving the character of the Goose an idiosyncrasy, I think E.B. White is trying to teach us...

Math - 10-15 minutes
Problem of the Week


WOW – Words of the Week - 5 minutes
WOW Packet
Students are self-selecting 10 words from the list of 24 WOW words to study

Science - 10-15 minutes
Science Packet - *Carmelo Preps this packet and if it is ready, it will be handed out Mid Week*

Test Prep - 10-15 minutes
"Lemonade Stand" Story and Questions


Before reading the passage, be sure to:
*Read the directions
*Read the title
*Look at the picture
*THINK about who is in the story and what you think happens

*Read the question stems
*UNDERLINE key words in the questions
*Answer as many questions as you can by matching key words from the questions in the passage

*Read the passage in chunks
*Stop and THINK about the MAIN IDEA in each paragraph
*Stop and THINK
*Who is in the story?
*What is the setting?
*What is the problem?
*How is the character facing the problem?
*What is the lesson we are learning from this story?

*Double check your answers!

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