Saturday, February 17, 2007

4th Grade Math Test Info

Stephanie Slabic our math coach has complied some websites about the NYS Math Tests for me to pass on to you!

Your child should only do a few of their vacation homework problems a day and should mark any questions they find extra tricky.

3-5 Testing Information

New York State Pre and Post March Standards – Your children will NOT be tested on everything that is supposed to be taught in their particular grade. Because the tests are given in MARCH, there are many topics that will be covered afterwards, and thus will not be addressed on the test. This website shows you what standards are Pre- and Post-March.

Third Grade :
Fourth Grade :
Fifth Grade :

2006 Exams - The following link is to the website that hosts downloads for each grade's 2006 exam. This is the actual exam that was administered last year and is a good indicator of what this year's test will be like. This is the practice test we are using in class.

2005 Sample Test - This is a SAMPLE test to look at with your child. There is also a scoring guide which tells you how your child's answers will be graded.

Archived Tests - Here are more examples of previous years' tests. If you download these tests for practice - be VERY careful. These tests were given in MAY of the schoolyear and contain many of the POST-MARCH standards that I mentioned earlier. Not every question on the archived tests will be covered on this year's test!

Math Games For Practice

NCTM Illuminations
This website has many terrific games for all Pre-K through 12 Grade families. Just check the grade level you would like to work with, and scroll down to find the type of game is appropriate for your child. 3-5 Families - check out the Factor and Product Games!

National Library of Visual Manipulatives
This is another website that allows you to choose grade level - then find a particular activity that addresses a standard. This is a great website Pre-K through 12th Grade!
This website has a lot of fun "arcade" style games that give kids a chance to choose their grade level then complete many fun math problems.

NY Metro Parents Article on the 4th Grade Math Test


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