Sunday, February 11, 2007

Math Mania

From WME [World Math Entertainment] we bring you…
Math Mania

The following questions will test your brainpower. Please write your answers on a different piece of paper and label which question your answer belongs to. When you are finished give your paper to Elijah.
Side effects may include dizziness sleepiness & brain hurting.

1. There are 36 geese in a flock. Some got hunted and 29 remain. How many got killed?

2. Take the number of countries in North America and divide it by the number of continents on the globe. Add your answer [except the remainder] and times it to the number of states in the United States of America. Than add the remainder to your answer. What is your answer?

3. Panz famous Manhattan pizza has four main toppings. Ones string cheese, the other sausage, the next pepperoni, & the last olives. There are twelve pieces of toppings on the regular pizza. A greedy costumer came and ordered a pizza four times as large & four times the toppings. How many toppings will Panz need to put on the pizza?

4. 3,673 people clime MT. Everest every year.3, 473 don’t make it to the top. How many people make it to the top?

5. Infinity divided by 7=?

6.What is the square root of 81?

7. What always goes up and never goes down? [Balloons pop and fall down].

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