Sunday, February 11, 2007

Spiderman vs. Sandman

The comic book chapters I am going to write about is Spiderman and the Sandman.

Spiderman is a teenager who got his power from a radioactive spider. Sandman is a villain who Spiderman stopped from doing wrong.

The story started with Sandman robbing a bank. It happened in a Manhattan Bank in the middle of the city. Sandman smashed Spiderman into the taxi and they were fighting, and fighting hard!

The city was busy and a lot of people were in the street. Sandman tried to get away from Spiderman and ran into a school. They started to fight in the school and Spiderman was trying not to make him hurt anyone.

At the end of the story Spiderman saw a vacuum and vacuumed the Sandman into it. Then Spiderman got all the money that sandman stole from the bank.

by, Myles

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