Wednesday, September 13, 2006

First Field Trip - Thursday September 21st

Trips are a way to excite students, enhance learning and approach learning in a hands-on way. Trips are vital to the curriculum - especially social studies. The days of boring textbooks are over and learning about our world is vital to the creation of active citizens.

Each month we will go on at least one trip. We will try to keep costs minimal but be prepared; there will be a slight charge. If you ever meet with financial difficulties, we understand and have had hard times too - just let me know.

Please send in the trip slips and payment in as quickly as possible so the morning of the trip runs smoothly. It is important to leave the building relaxed, prepared and ready to learn.

Our trips are learning experiences; please don’t use them as a form of discipline. Students who do not attend trips are at a disadvantage; the trip is the schoolwork for the day and cannot be duplicated. We have planned trips as carefully as we have planned our daily schedule.

Please try to join us on trips this year!

Our first trip is an exciting one. We have been invited to be the first class to view a brand new exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian in downtown Manhattan. This will be a press event, so we may be interviewed by reporters as well.

The exhibit is called, “Beauty Surrounds Us.” Native peoples of the past and present have always surrounded themselves with things of beauty, and this exhibit showcases everyday objects - clothing, tools, musical instruments, and games - that were not only functional, but pleasing to look at. As part of the opening event, we will see a Native Hoop Dance performance, tour the exhibit with our eyes and ears, and be able to touch some artifacts. This trip will serve as an introduction to our Social Studies unit on Native Americans.

When: Thursday September 21st
Leaving PS261 at 8:45 am

Where: National Museum of The American Indian
- One Bowling Green – Lower Manhattan

Travelling by: Subway (4 Train from Borough Hall to Bowling Green)

Cost: FREE!

Please return the permission slip ASAP!

Permission Slip

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Trey said...

Hi 408,

Just wanted to thank you all for visiting NMAI yesterday. I hope you had fun and learned a lot that you didn't know about Native American life and culture.

The local cable news channel, New York 1 News, did a really fun piece on the museum, featuring the Hoop Dancers you saw and you all look terrific!!!

Check it out at this link. (If you click on the blue/yellow logo next to the article you can watch the piece with Real Player. Real Player can be downloaded for free at

Thanks again for coming down to visit and be sure to tell all the other 4 graders at PS 261 that we're looking forward to seeing them in December.

Zora's Mom