Monday, September 25, 2006

Homework for Week of 9/25/06

*Read 20 Minutes (or more) each night
*Fill out Reading Log
*Reading LOG is due on FRIDAY

Writing – 10-15 minutes
*Writer’s Notebook assignments will be assigned each night – Monday - Thursday
*Children should set a timer and just write for 10-15 minutes with no break (they can do more if they want – this is to build writing stamina)

*Writer’s Notebook Choice Assignments – Choose 1 each night
1. Write a new entry about a small moment you spent…
- with someone important to you
- at an important place
- or with an important object (like your collection)
2. Look through your entries and add on to one
3. Look through your entries, box an important part, re-write that part on a new page and write some more

Problem of the week
*Monday - Do Page 1
*Tuesday – Do page 2
*Wednesday – Do pages 3 & 4

Social Studies
Nightly Handout
* All handouts focus on community building in the classroom – learning about “Attentive Listening,” how not to waste time, rules, logical consequences, and logical rewards.

WOW – Words of the Week
*Quiz on Friday

1. Charlotte
2. Wilbur
3. perspiration
4. commotion
5. mentioned

Bonus: Hullabaloo (what does this mean? And how many words can you make with Hullaballoo?)

What sound and spelling pattern do you notice with 3 of the WOW words?

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